In today's digital landscape, maintaining privacy and managing network traffic efficiently are paramount. LocalToNet's Shared (Rotating) Proxy service stands as a beacon for users and enterprises seeking robust solutions. This service not only ensures anonymity but also provides a dynamic approach to handling digital footprints.

Essential First Step: Token Management on My Token Page

The initiation into LocalToNet's services begins with the 'My Token' page, accessible at LocalToNet's My Token Page. Here, users are introduced to the critical task of managing their access tokens. These tokens are vital for authentication and secure usage of LocalToNet's offerings. An essential part of this process is grouping the tokens, a mandatory step for users, as the Rotating Proxy service operates on the basis of these token groups. This organizational feature aids users in managing tokens efficiently, especially when handling multiple devices or applications.

Proxy Selection: Considerations for Device Usage

For users operating on a singular device, opting for a standard proxy server is advised. This method suffices for most individual requirements, providing a secure and stable connection for various online activities.

Advanced Solution: The Rotating Proxy Server

LocalToNet's Rotating Proxy Server, detailed at LocalToNet's Rotating Proxy Server Page, is designed for users seeking advanced proxy solutions. This service allows for the selection between HTTP or SOCKS5 proxies, the choice of a previously created token group, and the selection of a server country. By clicking 'Start,' users can establish a unique tunnel for each device, akin to individual connections, but with the enhanced feature of rotating IP addresses. This ensures that each request is rerouted through a different device, providing increased anonymity and the ability to bypass IP-based limitations.

Enhanced Customization with Session IDs (-session-id-)

LocalToNet elevates user experience by enabling the integration of session identifiers, such as -sessionid-12-, into usernames. This feature directs all requests from users who have appended a specific session ID to their username to a single device, thereby centralizing traffic from those users and enhancing security. By changing the session ID, for example to -sessionid-13-, users can ensure that their requests are handled by a different device. This method allows for sophisticated session-based request management, enabling users to specify which device should handle their traffic by altering the session identifier, thus offering precise control over traffic distribution.

Streamlined Client Management

For users managing multiple clients, LocalToNet simplifies the process through the 'Clients' button. This functionality enables the addition of usernames, passwords, and bandwidth limits with ease, eliminating the need for individual tunnel configurations per client. This centralized management system is a time-saver and enhances the efficiency of large-scale operations.


LocalToNet's Shared (Rotating) Proxy service is a testament to the evolving needs of online privacy and network management. By providing customizable solutions, from token management on the 'My Token' page to the sophisticated Rotating Proxy Server, LocalToNet caters to a wide range of users. Whether for individual privacy concerns or extensive enterprise requirements, LocalToNet offers a secure, adaptable, and user-centric platform that addresses the complexities of the modern digital environment.

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