The Power of Wi-Fi Split

The Wi-Fi Split feature in LocalToNet can substantially elevate your proxy speed. When accessing a site via Mobile Internet, this feature optimizes both your download and upload speeds. Typically, your proxy speed is as fast as your upload speed. But with Wi-Fi Split, this constraint can be bypassed.

Without Wi-Fi Split

If Wi-Fi Split is turned off and your mobile download speed is 20 Mbps with an upload speed of 3 Mbps, you might load sites at 20 Mbps. However, data is relayed to the LocalToNet Relay Server at just 3 Mbps. This means your proxy speed is capped at 3 Mbps.

With Wi-Fi Split

When Wi-Fi Split is activated, data is sent to the LocalToNet Relay Server via your home Wi-Fi. Often, home Wi-Fi connections have faster upload rates than mobile internet, allowing your proxy speed to exceed the upload rate of the mobile internet.

How to Enable Wi-Fi Split?

  1. Navigate to "Settings" -> "About Phone" and tap on "Build Number" multiple times to unlock "Developer Options."
  2. Inside “Developer Options,” activate the “Mobile data always active” option. Note: This option's name might vary depending on the Android model.
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi on your phone.
  4. In the LocalToNet app, activate the Wi-Fi Split feature.


With the Wi-Fi Split feature, you can optimize your proxy speed for a smoother internet journey. Activating this feature is straightforward and definitely worth a try!

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