25 Sep 2023
1 mins read
Use Android Phone As a Proxy Server


  1. Installation and Registration:

  2. AuthToken Configuration:

    • After registration, navigate to the clipboard section on the website and retrieve your unique AuthToken.
    • Launch the Localtonet app on your mobile device and input the copied AuthToken. Confirming this should showcase an Android icon under the "My tokens" section.
  3. Settings Customization:

    • On MyTokens tab click android icon, customize your preferences, such as adjusting the frequency for airplane mode activation.
    • The application allows you to generate a reset link. For non-rooted phones, triggering this link will prompt the default assistant settings page. Here, designate Localtonet as your default assistant.
  4. Setting Up the Proxy Server:

    • Visit to set up your proxy.
    • Choose your desired proxy type - either HTTP or SOCKS. Once selected, initialize its creation.
    • Activate your proxy server by selecting the "Start" option.
  5. Connecting to the Proxy:

    • Utilize the provided IP address and port number to establish a connection to the server.
    • For enhanced security, you can stipulate a username and password within the tunnel configurations.
  6. Additional Information:

    • The SOCKS5 proxy now boasts support for both TCP and UDP protocols.
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