To get started with Localtonet on Linux, users can follow these steps:

  1. Download the appropriate version of Localtonet for their Linux distribution using a tool like curl or wget. For example:
  1. Extract the downloaded file from the zip archive:
  1. Grant read and write permissions to the Localtonet executable:
chmod 777 ./localtonet
  1. Obtain an authentication token from the Localtonet dashboard. This can be done by creating a new token in the "My Tokens" tab or by copying an existing token.

  2. Enter the authentication token into the Localtonet application using the following command, replacing PASTE_HERE_COPIED_AUTHTOKEN with the actual token:
./localtonet authtoken PASTE_HERE_COPIED_AUTHTOKEN
  1. After completing these steps, users can set up Localtonet on their Linux machine and begin securely accessing their local or private network services from the internet.