Localtonet: An Ideal Solution for Systems Behind CGNAT

If you're operating within networks such as Starlink that employ Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT) or equivalent mechanisms, Localtonet emerges as a robust alternative when you're unable to configure port-forwarding on your router. 

  1. Install Localtonet App: Complete the installation steps tailored for your operating system. Downloads
  2. Set Up Your AuthToken: Navigate within the Localtonet app and select the provided AuthToken.
  3. Initialize the Tunnel: Proceed to the TCP-UDP Page, pick the desired protocol type (TCP, UDP, or UDP/TCP), determine the server, and specify the listening IP and Port values. Subsequently, create and activate your tunnel by pressing the Start button from the list.

And that's essentially it! There shouldn't be any further adjustments required on your network or router end. Through these steps, you can seamlessly expose your local web server or service to the broader internet landscape using Localtonet.