Welcome to the Localtonet documentation. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Localtonet on Windows operating system and authenticate it using the AuthToken value.

Before you start, you need to register on the Localtonet website if you haven't already done so. Once registered, you can copy your AuthToken value from the "My Tokens" page in the Localtonet dashboard. This AuthToken value will be used to authenticate Localtonet on your machine.

The installation process is straightforward. You can download the suitable version of Localtonet for your operating system by clicking on the links provided in the tutorial. Once downloaded, you can install the application on your machine.

After installation, run the Localtonet application and paste the copied AuthToken value on the screen that appears. This will authenticate Localtonet and allow you to use it to securely access your local or private network services from the internet.

  1. If you haven't registered, register here.
  2. Copy your AuthToken value from the My Tokens page in the Dashboard
  3. Use the copied AuthToken value as examples given below.
  4. 64-Bit, 32-Bit, ARM, ARM-64 Download and Install the version that suits you.
  5. Paste the AuthToken on the screen that opens after starting the application.

Check out the tutorial video below: