Localtonet's HTTP tunnels provide a simple and secure way for users to expose their local web servers to the internet. By creating an HTTP tunnel, users are given a shareable URL that can be accessed from anywhere, with the tunnel running in HTTP/s for added security.

  1. The first step is to complete the Localtonet App installation steps that are suitable for your Local Operating System. (How to use Localtonet)
  2. Go HTTP Tunnel Page.
  3. Select Process Type for your needs. (Random Sub Domain, Custom Sub Domain, Custom Domain)
  4. Select the AuthToken you entered in the Localtonet App. (My Tokens)
  5. Select the Server you want your tunnel to run on.
  6. Enter the IP and Port values that the tunnel will listen to. (e.g. IP:  Port: 8080)
  7. Create and Start your tunnel by pressing the Start Button from the list.

Example Image for Random Domain Process.